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Grow your church using $329/day in free paid ads

Learn how to make that money consistently drive new visitors in the doors of your church. (Hint: it's not by sending them to your shiny, trendy, pretty homepage!)

Yes, puh-lease!{I had no idea “free paid ads” was a thing.}
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Here's What You'll Learn…

Secret #1

Church Growth Hacking

How to apply the marketing automation strategies that consistently help companies grow and scale, to your church, for free. Go focus on important things.

Secret #2

Tech-allergic Toolkit

You don’t have to be a millennial or “Gen Z”er to set this up. Powerful tools are at your disposal that can get you set up with zero coding or marketing knowledge, quickly.

Secret #3

Time-Multiplying Tactics

It’s no secret that churches are chronically under-staffed and over-worked. Learn how to automate the automatable so you can invest in individuals. Take back the Kingdom!

Time & Date

THIS Tuesday (February 26) at 8pm EST (5pm PST)

About the Presenter

Philip Stancil has owned and operated Deep Roots Marketing since its inception in June 2009. He (I often find myself speaking in the third person… 🤔) has an unnecessarily large amount of experience in the world of web design and online marketing.

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